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surveillance. the same thing could become true in america. i have a 12-year-old son. he is my middle child. he is the third one. remember ay cannot time when america was not at war. has been alant
black people but also white people. to know that a nation, such as america and the reason i struggle with it so hard because i really believe in the potential of this country. >> actor and civil rights activist harry boll phone -- belafonte. headline this morning the tallahassee democrat, a turning point and a quote from the mlk speech, i have a dream that this country will live out the true meaning of its creed that all men are created equal. our question as we begin on this wednesday morning, do marchs still make a difference? 202-585-3880 those of you under the and of 50. over 50, 202-585-3881. we begin with james joining us from grand fork, north dakota. caller: hey steve. calling again. i'm actually 49. right on the edge and i'm going to be 50. i'm not north dakotaian. i called before and i came out here for work for this hard to be a white man in suburbs of philadelphia. certain trades get displaced and you have to find your own way. i'm out here celebrating. i don't celebrate diversity. i noticed that c-span and msnbc there's an obsession with race. it's funny how white peopl
there. what is great about what we've seen with america over the last several years is how resilient we are. after the boston bombings, for example. the next day, folks are out there, going to ball games, making sure we are not reacting in a way that somehow shuts us down. >> right. >> and that is the right reaction. terrorist depend on the fact we will be terrorized. we are going to live our lives and the odds of people dying in a tourist attack are still a lot ,ower than in a car accident unfortunately, but there are things we can do to make sure that we're keeping the pressure on these networks, that will try to injure americans. it is the first thing i think of when i wake up in the last thing i think about before going to bed, is keeping americans safe. host: that was the president last night on "the tonight show" with jay leno. ken walsh has written this piece available online that the president's appearance on "the tonight show", part of his effort to expand the presidencies outreach more widely than ever. other presidents have limited themselves to more traditional approaches su
busy during that doing that, sorry not to that. but dr. carson is a wonderful asset to america and totality. he is an asset to us. like i said, a person who focuses on the attributes and what the gain is -- personally, you have to focus on the people. it is all about the people. the people are together, everyone is together. host: all right, that is irene. jill -- jimmy post on our facebook page -- the current crop is mostly made up of the ruling class was stowing their own with congratulations for being better than a us little people. liberals got the class they were clamoring for. oprah winfrey? synnex cockles composer mike in savannah, georgia. -- the next call comes from mike in savannah, georgia. caller: yes, definitely oprah winfrey. not my choice, but she deserves to be nominated. just to answer some of the people calling in about oprah, these are people who listen to rush limbaugh and all the fox people who tend to divide people. they do not call those people out. but oprah has been generous to a lot of people in this country. they want to call her out at some cap type
america because of breaking laws. whenever obama and holder have done everything under the sun. they have lied and expect snowden to be so nice. are they hypocrites? that's my comment. aside, what do you think about the cancellation of the meeting? caller: definitely cancel it. believe vladimir putin is right. snowden has a right to be there. obama just want him back because he wants to punish him does notctions but he want to promise the rest of his cabinet for what they do. it is so hypocritical. i am an independent. host: the lead story from " the new york times" takes a look at the shifting of message data by the national security agency. does not want joining us from tennessee, independent line. we are talking about the cancellation of the summit between president obama and president vladimir putin. what do you think? caller: the caller from florida hit the nail on the head. it is hypocrisy. to ben is alleged spilling state secrets. he says we have been spying on people and hear you have obama and his administration saying -- telling exactly how they got terrorist information and we
that politicians say is that statement, i know you are lying. host: al jazeera america on what is happening -- a tweet from joseph ramirez this morning -- justin is on our republican line, good morning. don't think we should jump to conclusions until we actually get the report from the united nations, become a co-op in team on the ground, to see who did the weapons. i don't want us to make the same wetake we did in iraq where had inspectors on the ground camee he -- before we in and entered a war we should not have gotten into. host: matt is up next on our independent line. good morning. caller: i hope these politicians, democrat and republican, who are warmongering , will listen to all of these scholars. i happen to be one of the majority of americans who are against doing anything before all the facts are in. alse rebels are mostly qaeda. they are killing syrian christians, earning churches. if the country wants to do anything, they should increase humanitarian aid to the churches of syria and other organizations to help the people. i am tired of war mongers like republicans, mccain, and
by the government to refocus america's bias from internal surveillance of americans pure and simple. i have come to that, i do not believe it. host: what led you to that? caller: the timing. thee serendipitous for troops in the embassies. at the same time they were withholding hearings about surveillance and americans and the power of the nsa. suddenly it stopped and now we are worried about an imminent threat? host: this from "usa today," authorities released the names of 25 suspects on monday, saying that they were planning terrorist attacks across the country. the development came as washington ordered the closure of 20 u.s. diplomatic missions throughout the war -- throughout the week. the suspects being targeted in office, with government installations in the country, things were beefed up from the ports. this topic of discussion came up yesterday at the white house during the usual press briefing held by j kearney. talking about the current threat, here is what they had to say. [video clip] toi am not in a position discuss specific intelligence, but we believe the threat is significant and
yes, it is time for america to stop the funding of terrorism. and at twitter this morning, tyler writes that i think obama should consider it, but if we do cut aid, egypt's security would be vulnerable and extremists could take over. so differing viewpoints out there so far. and jonathan is our next call from lancaster, pennsylvania, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to make the point that the entire middle east is imploding. that egypt and syria, lebanon, it's on the news, if you watch of it.u get more they're going to totally destroy the infrastructure of all those countries. the level of violence has reached a crescendo. they're going to destroy the grids and the sewage and there's going to be deaths and disease. my point is there's nothing we can do about it. host: what does all of this mean to this country then, baseed on what you're saying? caller: there's not going to be anything coming out of the middle east. it's going to be reduced to medieval level of existence. host: thanks, john. victoria on the line from florida. republican as well. good morning
out what the world thinks about america. people want to see americans stay home. host: that refers to how america's involvement in afghanistan weighs upon positions being made. here's what he had to say. [video clip] collects my preference would be that the national community already asked forceful. is ane have seen incapacity for the security counsel to move forward in the face of a clear violation of international norms. i recognize that here in the united states and in great parts of theany world there is a certain afghanistanen there's a suspicion of any military action. on the other hand it is important for us to recognize hundreds of innocent children were killed. -- were killed through the use of a weapon that 98% of a weapon that says should not be used in a war. there is no action that we are sending a signal that that international norm doesn't mean much. host: cooper is up next. i can't help but think -- caller: i can't help but think it sabotages the democratic party. there is not a lot going on there. it's using a sabotage of the democratic party. it sabotage ofe the d
. >> out of america's economic future is being impacted by companies controlling access to the internet. susan crawford, sunday night at 9:00 on "afterwards." continues."journal" host: our guest is congressman alan crazy, a democrat from florida, a member of the foreign affairs committee. -- alan grayson. talk about the news from russia that says edward snowden has been granted a one-your temporary asylum in russia. -- one year temporary asylum in russia. any reaction? guest: it is irrelevant. there should be a debate about whether the government should be receiving a record of every one of our phone calls for that's what we should be talking about, not about the leaker but the leaks. host: this is the headline from " the new york times." i want to get your take on a piece of tape from the committee would senator chuck grassley. [video clip] >> what information does the government collect under this program and specifically is anyone's name, address, social security number, or location collected? >> to answer the second part -- name, address, location, social security number is not coll
will agree with you on that. overall, it is not a gloom and doom situation in america. that is my personal view. i think that in time, it will work itself out. title -- we the must do something about the entitlement program. if it were not for obama, it has been this way for a wild -- you cannot blame him about folks who are getting all of these so- called free services in my opinion. host: what kind of business? caller: we are in mental health. host: and why are you republican? caller: because i believe in their tenets, their principles, smaller government, i believe in that. strong military, i believe not. but they work hard. throw my neighbors overboard because i'm doing well. one time i was not doing so well. so because i'm doing well now, do i say to hell with them and throw them aboard? i don't think so. so we have got to have a better approach how we help you use programs come the state understand you have a lot of folks out here give support because if you give them free stuff, there was a advantage of it. but i do not say because i'm doing well now, to heck with them. all right, l
there are 40 million muslims in america? these images that's we see of burning vehicles, they will be everyday. host: ok, to a for the call. this is from marie -- obama got us into this debacle in egypt prompting me muslim brotherhood. there is this headline, the journalists among the dead in egypt, including the husband and a former "post" reporter who was killed. more details on mick deane, who was killed in cairo. a statement from the british prime minister david cameron who paid tribute to the reporter on twitter -- i am sad to hear the death of cameraman mick deane. my thoughts are with his family and a sky news team. my next call is rich from fairfax, virginia. republican, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i was disgusted last night was watching the news, and i saw a caterpillar bulldozer into their where thesehe area people were. that equipment i'm sure was bought with money the united states gave the egyptian army. i just think of how that equipment is used in this country, to build things, and we are over there destroying stuff. it just makes me sick. we need to stop
intent on doing something good when they go around violating the rights of every citizen in america. all the badrs things happening in this a administration that obama calls a hoax. i am sure the mainstream media will jump all over this, but they do not tell us anything else. you see the same headlines for 10 days in a row on the computer. host: thank you for the call. this is a story from " washington times" web site. unnamed u.s. officials told media outlets that intelligence agencies in yemen alerted washington to the threats as the yemeni president came to the u.s. to meet members of congress last thursday." michael is joining us next from philadelphia, democratic line, good morning. caller: thank you for covering this important topic. i was wondering if you have any insight or sources that revealed why it is such a general area being covered as opposed to, say, 36 -- 3 specific countries? that is one question. the other is a common about how unstable these places are these days. pakistan has never been stable in recent memory. a contributing factor. of course then there is the bengh
or bad. yes, the long-term concern is there. if the papers go away america will be in very serious trouble because when you get down to it the television reporters are , what that one guy said, they are lap poodles. it is basically nothing more than lap pools for house members here in phoenix. you just do not know what is going on in washington from the electronic media at all. for the callou this morning. on that subject that you talked about on the future of newspapers and specifically what might happen with "the washington post," and this bezos -- by jeff might've contributed to part the sale. here's a bit of what he said. [video clip] was latemily was in -- in adopting a payroll product, which most of the major market has already started doing. the fact that they could've started that years ago, the way the financial times or the wall street journal had done years ago, i think maybe that certainly hastens their financial difficulties, that they were so late to doing a pay wall. politico is a block in bc. they have a high tier subscription product, which seems to be doing very w
the idea today. i think this note should ring out through america loud and clearly. they can take carry your -- take away your house, take away all of your car but they can never take away your college education. that is a bank of knowledge that not only prepares you for a job but prepares you for life. it enables you to learn how to do the basic things you need to learn to function in the country. like how to pay your taxes and how to go and do research on your own. we need to get over the concept in this country that money is our god. we need to take a look at the integrity of the people. we need to advance this dummying down of america that's occurring, that scares me terribly. i have gone from a upper class woman to a woman living below the poverty line. i still been able to work through the system because i have the knowledge that a masters degree offers me. i currently all students, i'm an educator and i taught students. education is so much more than a talent or opportunity to get a job. thank you very much for listening to me. i pray for all the students in america to go get tha
this morning, we want to hear your opinion on what you think the american public needs to know before america -- before president obama takes action. give us a call on the republican democrats, and independents, the numbers are listed on the screen. if you are outside the u.s., it 585-3883. you can also catch us on twitter and facebook or e-mail us. a very good friday morning to you. i want to take you right to the headlines about syria and possible u.s. involvement today. here's the front page of "the new york times." to one of those british newspapers, "the guardian," out of london. prime minister said report shows damascus behind gas attacks. "the the front page of globe and mail" from canada. canada has no plans to participate in military strike. from a storyd you on the front page of the washington times obama may go solo against syria. president obama and his top aides try to rally support thursday for retaliatory strikes in syria. saying they remain convinced that assad used chemical weapons. british lawmakers questioned the thatgth of the claims forces loyal to present a used poison g
. it is going to take a while and i understand that. host: things do not happen overnight. that is brad america look tonight -- on our -- that is brad on our republican line. next caller -- caller: let because he, as a prospective college student, i am seeing some improvement. tennesseeobama was in to try and compromise with the republicans. boehnerans, under john and the tea party that is pushing the tax deal come ever since they got into 2011 -- ident obama has not something that was explicitly endorsed from 35%. need to obviously return to manufacturing. in 2012 that we need to have american manufacturing. one thing i think we can do is look back at american jobs act that the president submits it the congress three years ago. republicans say we cannot spend. atently i have been looking economic policies of president bill clinton and his budget. i was looking for copies of his he talks about investing in education and healthcare. neither of the things he proposed during the 1990s -- if we follow what obama is saying and do what bill clinton wanted in the 1990s we could resurface the market ec
an american egyptian. i know egypt very well. i know america very well. why would the u.s. want to take a stand the echo why would they want to support the brotherhood? host: we will go to cedar town, georgia. eric is next. democratic caller. i want to respond to the last guy. most of these guys to come over here from egypt, they will not fight for democracy in their own country. they always come to the united states and other countries and refer back to their country. they need to make that decision in their own country and help their own country. all the money we give israel and egypt, we knew it must stopped. we are in deficit spending. it should be ratified by congress. israel is one of the richest countries in the world. i would like to say this, if you really look back at the history, what is going on with this money is it is part of the -- egypt is not in war with anyone, same with israel. what are they using these weapons for? that is the bottom line. this andant to get quickly for all of you, "the washington times" front page this morning -- that and the story in "washington ti
for america. i'm a blue-collar person, black american man. king off of twitter speaks to the role of the international community. host: a couple of thoughts from facebook this morning. you can make your thoughts on nwj, and if you want to post on our facebook page you can do so as well. "middle east countries have been fighting for centuries. we cannot solve their disputes but we can try to help them negotiate a truce. other than that, all we could do still more people on that's certainly not the answer." rick is from nashville, tennessee, and he is on our independent line. caller: good morning. thanks, c-span. what i believe is we should stay out of these foreign affairs because the only reason we are doing is for oil, and we are not a nation that should be trying to democratize the whole world. this goes back to abraham's days in the bible, isaac, they will always be fighting. have a great day. adds this is all she morning, the international role of our partners when it comes to potential action. you saw the headline from "the guardian" this money about the by the primevote mini
the corporations in america are behaving exactly as most selenium would have liked in .taly fascism is at merger of the state and the corporations. that is the direction in which we are heading. marie tweets us this morning -- next up is gregory from north carolina, independent line. perot, i was a ross ralph nader, our current president, and hillary clinton. what about those four, in summary, do you support? caller: i am concerned about the -- the prior caller hit it on the head. not curve lineup is raining in the sequester -- north carolina is raining in the sequester. they try to cut back on schools, hospitals, you name it. i had to do a paradigm shift and go for independent money. how are you going to sell computer equipment to a family easier when it would be to sell the schools that can buy thousands. reynard from virginia, republican line, good morning. the person who i think best present my political party is none. did elected they start representing the national party. what makes you come to that decision? -- oncespecifically they get elected, even though locally we put them in for a sp
parties and a funeral, plus plenty of valet parking in america's gilded capitol. read the book and engage on our facebook page and twitter. "washington journal" continues. host: at the table now, michael steele, the former r.n.c. chairman from 200-2011, thank you for joining us. we've been talking about syria, do you see a division within the republican party on syria? guest: i don't think there's been a clear voice that's come out about what republicans say about this. certainly there is a union anymority about what we need to do next, which is definitely deal with the use of chemical weapons by the assad government. but i think a lot of republicans are waiting to see exactly where the president is going to go with the foreign policy. you have the secretary of state calling this a moral obscenity. so the tone and the rhetoric is there. the question is now what are the next steps? the president and his team have been very good, at least in this instance, of getting and keeping the congress informed, getting members of congress in on the conversation early enough, so that should some type
is that the technology is probably the best thing that has come along for america. they arethis area, looking at the down side. they are not really understanding how easy is even sidehem to operate on the or their full-time job to get into the system and to use it. i think a lot of people are looking at the negative. we cannot go back with some of these jobs. india and china will be using this, too. we have to transform. andle have to realize listen to other people around them like out e.g. it is to create more, a better economy and let the other stuff go away. thank you for those comments. here is a tweet from boston who ask us designate technology create better jobs question market doesn't c-span wj use a robotic camera? that is true. it is run by an individual. in many ways it helps us provide more coverage of congressional hearings, more things we would not have been able to cover. there is a human being operating that robotic camera. let's hear from brian and pittsburgh. independent mind. in pittsburgh. in dependent line. china graduated 600,000 engineers. we only graduated 30,000 engineers. we are
. fry. guest: in terms of four-year colleges, 3004-year colleges in america, there is another 1702- year colleges, there is a lot of choice there. a very growing segment of american higher education has been what is called the private, for-profit. a bitend to be on average more expensive. we do know that students take on more debt in order to be able to pursue those institutions are at the same time, one of the reasons that they are growing is -- in popularity, why students are going to them, or they serve certain needs and flexibility that other kinds of higher education institutions are not providing. so this issue of both how expensive it is to go to college and the rice in expense and who should pay for it is an issue that we are currently debating. is theeesburg, virginia, source of our next call. karen on the independent line. caller: good morning. when my kids were younger, everybody ask this question, what do you want to be when you go all -- when you grow up. as parents, our response ability is to guide their choices. college is definitely worth it, but it all depends on what in
the kool-aid. you are all being loyal to obama, you're not being loyal to america. host: dennis off of twitter -- i want to point you to our newsmakers program that will appear sunday at 10:00 -- a member of the foreign affairs committee did and some of the discussions with reporters, he talked about russia and the nsa program that attracts mated data about american phone calls and e-mails. here's what he has to say. [video clip] >> the fact is we have approved the following of terrorist communications from overseas. even those communications that go into the united states. when it comes to phone calls of every single american, which is what we are talking about, they do not need to keep tabs on everyone of us and what we are doing in order to support a terrorist attack. host: newsmakers takes place tomorrow at 10:00. guest is a member of the foreign affairs committee. independent line, california. caller: one thing a lot of people are overlooking is is that i do not know if president obama or even many people in our government can really vouch for what is going on with these progra
this morning. republican line. victoria. corn -- good morning america. with thisajor problem whole situation. president of the united states food does not apply the constitution that we hold so dear to our hearts. then we have this young man and and nsa. as an american citizen, i am totally disappointed in whole system. this guy supposedly exposed classified information. i would like to know what major harm this guy has done with classified information. that he a way, glad exposed as to the american public to the nsa or we would never have known it. i am confused. the president better stick to theoath to uphold constitution. he is walking all over the constitution. democrat line in new jersey. tim o'neill.me is i want to say bradley manning did that really break his oath. -- did not really. his oath was to protect the constitution, and that is what he did. in my opinion he is just as brave and as much of the patriot menhe bed he off -- as the on the front lines. host: even with the type of information he left out? of the the type information he let out did not endanger the men on the front l
to the white house later today and beginning a two-day focus on the situation of education in america, a two-day bus trip through new york and eastern pennsylvania and getting daily briefings on the situation in egypt. in that country the streets remain relatively quiet following another day of demonstrations yesterday. the story in "the new york times" explaining how the u.s. and european diplomats were undercut by egypt's military, the death toll this weekend exceeding 800. later we're going to focus on what's next for egypt but we want to begin with a peace piece this morning in the baltimore sun. focused why are americans so angry and divided? you can join in on the through our republican, democratic and independent lines. you can send us a tweet at twitter.com/cspanwj or join us facebook at >> the question why are americans so angry and divided? one says -- >> one of the reasons for that polarization of course is the implementation of the president's health-care law. the president has been on vacation but in his weekly address he did talk about the upcoming deadline as the affordable he
went around america. it could put up maybe 2 million jobs. compromise with the tea party and the regular republicans? they are a bunch of zeroes. they do not want to work with this president. look at medicare and social security. how they want to break that down -- but the american people work for at all their life. they want to break that down to nothing. they do not care about america. they do not care about this president. host: stephen is from richmond virginia. a few tweets -- our last caller brought up the idea of the health-care law and how it is playing into this debate. here's a story from today's "new york times" on that subject -- -- also known as obamacare. we are taking your thoughts on these budgetary issues that are facing congress and the country. ron is up next from tampa, florida on our republican line. what do you think about that proposal to hold off federal federal funding measure includes financing for the affordable care act? forward. would be all i just think compromises a big joke. the democratsthat have their way. a city in california went bankru
it. they mean it. they are proud of it. one more thing. taxes and america, how about talking to your friends on the republican side about getting that american jobs at past? to help the president look good is bad for america. that is insane. we will leave it there. guest: the republicans in the house have passed more than one dozen bills to help create jobs that have not seen the light of day in the senate. it is unfortunate. it has cost us. has technically been in recovery since six months into the obama presidency. we have been in recovery since july 2009. it is the weakest recovery in the history of this country at least since the end of world war ii. we have been grown get on an average of 2.2% a year. that is french levels. if we did it at reagan levels and incentive spending more and taxing more and regulating more, he reigned in regulation. ratherally cut tax rates than raise them. we have millions more americans at work. there are millions more out of work because the resident took a high tax, big government european-style economic policy rather than the traditional lower tax
to you. caller: good morning. the president has an agenda to help a lot of people in america that are suffering. there are a lot of people the president has an agenda of health care for everyone. the president has an agenda to bring all the jobs, they were against the health care. the president has an agenda for jobs and business. republicans are against it. is going to move forward we have to vote all of these republicans out. -- they are against it. [indiscernible] this country can move forward. toda today" story -- on that issue of egypt, there are several stories in many of the papers today. this is "the wall street journal " -- that story notes, talking about $1.3 billion that is given to egypt each year in military aid since the 1980s. i want to play you a bit of john mccain on cnn's state of the union yesterday, talking about the u.s. credibility when it comes to egypt. [video clip] we dohave no credibility, have influence, but when you do not use that influence than you do not have that influence. we could be cutting off the aid, spare parts, and maintenance of these
down towards central america and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar come as far as selling drugs up through the country with the cia. is what they use to justify their war on drugs. they used a national marketing campaign by painting certain cities as being drug havens. they even had a so-called poster child, willie horton, back in a 1980s. -- in the 1980s. this was during a time when historic drug crime was at an all-time low. host: we will hear from another democrat, tim and mt. hope, arkansas. caller: good morning. finally we are seeing common sense in washington. this is a very important day. host: why do you say that? caller: we are starting to see -- we are starting to think straight. we are not thinking straight when we lock people up for smoking marijuana, especially when it is proven medicine. i've got glaucoma. i suffer from severe neck and back pain. if i was in any other state but state thatny other allows medical marijuana, i would be a patient driven in arkansas, i am a criminal. i've been arrested a few times for marijuana. it is always the same thing. they w
surveying? guest: they can be, yes. caller: i do not know if it was another gentleman or not, but america, you had better wake up. this surveillance program is going right to the mark of the beast. why do you think they need that surveillance thing? antichrist is already here. the next is the black corpse, and he is famine. when you start to use the drones for surveying our crops and knowing where the food is, you're going to have to take the mark or starve to death. we talked about the issue of privacy. how often when you have conversations does the issue of privacy,? -- come up? and weit comes up often, try do have people understand the concerns and how we are doing with this with lawmakers, civil liberty groups in the proper stakeholders to make sure fourth amendment rights, privacy laws, peeping tom laws and all -- to ensure exist we are compliant with them. the me just say one more thing. right now, we have about 7 billion people in the world. away, we willars have 9 billion people. that is another 2 billion people on this planet. right now we do not have enough food to feed everybod
of america are too stupid to realize they're voting against their own interests by not voting health care for themselves. have a nice day. host: sue, your message to congress? caller: i want to be at your health care plan, congress. host: what do you think should be done about the health care law? host: if they vote it in for us, they should be under the same health care. host: do you think should be defunded? caller: yes, i do. host: have you send that message to a member of congress? caller: i have not. host of the to attend a town hall meeting? caller: yes, i have. --t: who is did you go to whose did you go to? caller: ron paul. host: when was that? m, when he was running last time? host: thank you. next caller. caller tell my message to them is -- caller: my message to them is that obama care is coming in with -- medicare was here before obama care. if we take money at of this out of thisot -- program to fund that one, that money should have changed the medicare program around. why do we need obama care when we could have restructured medicare and medicaid? they would not need to take
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